200 MH

Operating Weight : 20,000 kg
Engine Power : 105 kW / 143 HP
Max. Range : 10.10 m

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ATLAS material handlers include mobile industrial machines and industrial tracked machines, which work on applications such as scrap, wood, bulky goods, special recycling, port applications and vacuum operations

• Fast cycle times

• Optimised handling

• Mechanical expertise

• 100 years manufacturing experience

• Reliability

• Extended life span

• Versatility

• Range of diverse equipment to meet customer expectations

Additional Information
With over 100 years of manufacturing expertise, Atlas machinery is designed to last.

The Atlas 200MH material handling excavator is just one of the Atlas range of material handlers designed for use in the scrap and waste industries.

Designed to graft day in day out, the Atlas 200MH weighs in at 20 Ton and offers a maximum range of 10.1 meters. Available in either scrap or waste specification, it’s available with either a 400L scrap grab or 450L selector grab.

With the robust chassis design of the Atlas 200MH material handler you have the option for stabiliser legs or dozer blade for further increased safety. The machine comes with road compliant indicators for highway use and a number of innovative features such as the easy access Emergency Cab Lowering Safety System – a button on the outside of the cab that allows you to lower it from the outside.

The Atlas 200MH comes with side and rear mounted cameras for enhanced visibility and offers easy service access and features such as the innovative battery isolation function – an automatic 3 minute timer delayed battery isolation which ensures the DEF fluid is returned to the tank and lines are emptied before batteries fully isolate. The adjustable reverse fan with reversing time interval is programmable between 0 and 60 minutes.

The Atlas 200MH key specs:

Operating Weight : 20 Ton
Engine Power : 105 kW ( 143 hp )
Max. Range : 10.10 m ( 33′ )
Extended cab raise: 2.3 m

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