Cut Your Costs for Energy

By operating an E-Crane, you keep your energy costs low, while moving more material faster, farther and for less money than conventional cranes. E-Crane’s balanced design drastically reduces horspower requirements and saves energy… making E-Crane® the green alternative.

Keep Maintenance Costs Low

E-Crane® maintenance is easy and simple. Replacement parts are shipped immediately, because of our 100% spare parts availability policy. The longevity of E-Crane® parts results in lower maintenance costs and minimal downtime. Our Premium Online Support feature makes maintenance even easier by allowing our technicians to troubleshoot problems from anywhere in the world.

Lifetime Trouble-Free Operation

Designed for 24/7 duty cycle operation, the E-Crane®  is built for longevity. With regular maintenance, your E-Crane®  will last for over 20 years — that equals over 2 million load cycles and more than 40.000 working hours!

Custom Solutions

We take the time to get to know you and to understand your individual needs. E-Crane’s modular design allows our engineers to tailor a custom solution to meet your requirements, in order to best optimize your operation.

Operator Friendly

The E-Crane®  is “operator friendly” with easy controls and an ergonomic cab. Training is simple and straight-forward. Operators with various amounts of experience with other equipment from hydraulic excavators to lattice boom cranes will catch on quickly.  With E-Crane’s® customizable training program, your operators will become skilled E-Crane®  operators at lightning speed.


The versatile E-Crane®  is ideal for all of the critical tasks in your operation including:

  • Unloading Barges
  • Unloading Ships
  • Feeding Hoppers
  • Feeding Shredders
  • Loading Shears
  • Stockpiling and Sorting
  • Loading Charge Baskets
  • Dredging
  • Much More…
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