E-Crane Uppers

Modular Concept & Custom Solutions

A family of standard models allows our engineers to tailor custom solutions to meet all your particular needs, while at the same time realizing the benefits of standard/series built components. Five different machine series are available based on capacity requirements: 700, 1000, 1500, 2000 and 3000 Series.

Low Maintenance Costs & Easy Maintenance

While the basic design of the E-Crane® inherently keeps main-tenance costs low, further thought went into keeping the components simple and easy to maintain. This concept is best demonstrated by the fact that both the counterweight and boom cylinders are identical parts, making spare parts inventories less costly.

Built for Performance & Longevity

The power module on all E-Cranes® is located in an easily accessible, walk-in compartment, making the use of ladders or scaffolding unnecessary. Low pressure hydraulics, oversize bearings and an automatic lubrication system assure a long working life. The E-Crane® utilizes only the top quality components supplied by leading manufacturers to assure reliability and worldwide parts and service support.