Max. working height: 10 m
Capacity: 230 kg
Machine width: 0.83 m
Operating weight: 2080 kg
Propulsion: Electric
Drive type: Hydraulic

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The Sunward SWSL 1008HD features a hydraulic drive, making it durable and cost-effective. Despite its very compact size, it is very strong. As all the Sunward scissor lifts models, it offers excellent performance, comfortable and safe operation, and it is very nearly maintenance-free. Its size makes it very easy to transport to every jobsite, and, thanks to its zero emissions, it can be used both indoors and outdoor.

Discover all the other advantages of the Sunward SWSL 1008HD.

General Specifications
Propulsion: Electric
Drive type: Hydraulic
Operating weight: 2080 kg
Brakes: Multi-Disc Friction

Reach Specifications:
Max. working Height: 10 m
Max. platform height: 8 m

Ground clearance: Platform elevated / lowered: 110 / 20 mm
Machine height: Lowered, rails raised / rails folded: 2.36 / 1.86 m
Platform height: Lowered 1.26 m
Overall length: 2.46 m
Overall width: 0.83 m
Platform length: 2.27 m
Platform width: 0.81 m
Platform extension length: 0.9 m

Drive speed: Platform elevated / lowered 0.8 / 3.2 km/h
Max. gradeability: 25%
Platform Capacity: 230 kg
Extension capacity: 113 kg
Max. working angle: 1.5˚ / 3˚
Turning radius: Inside / Outside 0 / 2.1 m



Like all the Sunward machines on the European market, the SWSL 1008HD is designed to meet European customer needs and has all the EU certifications.


As you know when working at height, safety is a priority. You must be able to fully trust your equipment. Thus you need the stability of a safe and intelligent machine. Sunward scissor lifts have been designed with safety in mind.

Sunward’s specialized bending machine produces safe guard rails with the best protection on the market.

The automatic pothole protection ensures full stability during rising operations. The pothole protection lateral plate opens automatically to provide less ground clearance and greater stability.


The Sunward electric scissor lifts rely on the best electric battery in the market to relay the power to fulfill all necessary operations. They are equipped with Trojan high-quality long-life batteries, ensuring long run-time before charging. They also offer zero emissions and quiet operation for sensitive environments.


Sunward scissor lifts are equipped with fast charging battery. The integrated charger prevents voltage surges to provide a higher level of protection. The storage memory function enables you to query the amount of charge in real-time.


For easy maintenance, the ‘to be serviced’ code is displayed automatically. Thanks to the USB port, a smartphone can also be used for diagnostics. The swing-out hydraulic oil tank and power module trays allow easy access to components for convenient service.


Our scissor lifts are carefully designed and all key components are selected from the world’s leading providers. Easy access to components for convenient service avoid having stacked components. Service is a snap that contributes to reducing the cost of ownership. Rugged, reliable, and nearly maintenance-free, the Sunward scissor lifts are designed to provide ultimate performance for many years.

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