So, what are the features of Weycor wheel loaders?

TDL Equipment are proud to be adding this iconic brand to their portfolio for 2022. So, what are the main features of Weycor wheel loaders? The range of Weycor wheel loaders range from 2.5 ton up to the 16 ton with the unique 6ton telescopic AR480T model perched in between. First impressions count and Weycor wheel loaders are more than a sum of their parts. They reflect true passion, a fascination with technology and ‘Made in Germany’ quality. It’s thanks to the innovative spirit of the firms 400 strong team, their dedication to detail and their passion for powerful engine technology that this new generation of wheel loaders has been developed and TDL Equipment are pleased to be new partners of the brand.

Features of Weycor Wheel Loaders

Take a look at some of the features of Weycor wheel loaders we have available at TDL.

Powerful drive unit

A weycor wheel loader can be moved in three ways: in operating speed range from 0 to 6.5 km/h, in road speed range at up to 20 km/h or also in optional high speed at up to 40 km/h. Here, 1st and 2nd hydraulic gear as well as forward / reverse travel can be engaged under load. The switching between the forward / backward travel, speed ranges and off-position is done via the weycor joystick. The drive is operated by accelerator and separate inching pedal for best distribution of the hydraulic power for thrust and lifting forces.

Articulated-pendulum joint

In weycor wheel loaders, we use robust, low-maintenance articulated-swivel joints almost exclusively in conjunction with rigid axes. With an oscillation of ±12° in the rear carriage and an articulation angle of 40°, these provide outstanding cross-country mobility, protect the ground and offer extreme manoeuvrability. With their low centre of gravity, weycor wheel loaders have a high tilt stability even under extreme conditions.

Hydraulic quick-change attachment

The hydraulic quick-change attachment turns the wheel loader into an all-rounder and allows attachments to be changed in a few seconds. The proven weycor kinematics provide high breakout forces and excellent lifting heights. The upwardly tapered loader arm offers the best view of the attachment.

Inching Pedal

As the only manufacturer, our wheel loaders have a separate inching pedal as standard. This prevents the possibility of moving against the operating brake, in contrast to the combination of a brake/inch pedal. A generously proportioned inching range facilitates precise distribution of shearing and lifting forces. The result: less wear and lower fuel consumption.

Latest kinematics technology

The proven and tested weycor kinematics with its exceptional tear-out force and excellent lifting heights. The tapered loading rocker makes sure you can always keep an eye on the attachment.

Low center of gravity

Thanks to their low center of gravity, weycor wheel loaders are secured against tipping, even under extreme circumstances.

Comfortable cabin

In addition to the excellent circumferential visibility in the wheel loader, its clearly arranged controls and its ergonomic design.

Easy maintenance

Low-maintenance and quick, easy servicing is achieved by central, consolidated, easy-to-reach service points.

To find out more about the Weycor machines we have in stock have a look at our website here or get in touch on 08444 99 44 99