What are the uses of Promove Rotating Pulverisers within the industry

Promove rotating pulverisers are are multi-purpose attachment with the ability to perform both shearing and concrete pulverizing tasks for use in both primary and secondary demolition, excellent for use in high reach applications and with great maneuverability. The crushers feature special blades to grip and cut rebars and continuous 360° rotation is provided by a central rotating motor. The speed valve guarantees faster working cycles.

The features of our Promove rotating pulverisers are:

  • Multi purpose – a shear and pulveriser in one attachment
  • Ideal for primary and secondary demolition
  • Excellent for use in high reach applications
  • Great maneuverability

Promove Rotating Pulverisers

TDL Equipment are pleased to be offering the excellent Hydraulic Breaker range, compatible with excavators ranging from Micro 0.6T up to 130T heavy duty excavators. The hydraulic breaker range has a proven pedigree worldwide, supported by innovative features such as the Smart Valve which stops unintentional blank firing, auto greasing systems and comprehensive ‘E-Breaker’ telematics to optimise fleet management.

TDL Equipment will also supply the full Selector Grab range, which is available on 0.7-200T excavators, designed with a compact structure for enhanced material handling, paired with the range’s large grab opening and high loading capacities. Supplementing the offering will be the Promove Scrap Shear range, perfect for the most demanding scrap yards across the UK, compatible with excavators from 2-85T.

The Promove Demolition range includes Multi-Processors, Fixed Pulverizors and Rotating Pulverizors compatible with machinery up to 50T. The demolition range is designed with the operator in mind and includes features including reversible blades, heavy duty and oversized pivot components and large jaw opening to optimise demolition productivity.

With more than 20 years experience in the heavy machinery industry, TDL Equipment are UK distributors of the entire Promove range. Find out more today by calling 08444 99 44 99