Long standing and family run waste recycling company Banks Skip Hire are no strangers to the Waste and Skip Hire industry with Grandfather Eric Banks owning the very first skip lorry in Chesterfield over 50 years ago. The firm remains family run today and since 2003 has second, third and fourth generations involved in running of the company.

Primarily offering domestic and commercial skip hire to the surrounding area, Banks Skip Hire Ltd ethically and efficiently recycle all waste collected on a daily basis, with son John Banks explaining, “we’re proud to send zero waste to landfill, something many companies are aiming for these days. We are always working towards a better environment”.

Back in July 2020, Banks Skip Hire Ltd invested in their first Atlas material handler from the UKs long standing Sheffield based Atlas dealers, TDL Equipment. The Atlas 200MH is used to pre-sort all waste into selected categories which is then efficiently loaded into the hopper on their picking station. John told us, “being able to pre-sort the waste and load it into the hopper allows us to be more efficient and it reduces the labour needed on the floor to sort the waste, creating a much safer environment for our team to work in.”

With over 100 years of manufacturing experience, the German engineered Atlas machines are designed to graft. The 20 ton Atlas 200MH material handling excavator offers a max range of 10.1 metres, engine power output of 143 hp and an extended cab raise height of 2.3m. “The Atlas 200MH has the perfect specifications we needed to efficiently sort and load materials. The selector grab along with high rise cab allows the operator to sort and load waste both efficiently and safely”, says John.

Atlas 200MH Material Handler with Selector Geab sorting Waste at Banks Skip Hire Ltd

The side and rear mounted cameras offer enhanced visibility for the operator, something the team at Banks Skip Hire Ltd are also very pleased with, “the cameras help the operator to see from all angles which is an added bonus in a busy yard like ours”.

Having run other well-known brands in the past, Banks Skip Hire Ltd took the decision to invest in the Atlas 200MH after a personal friend of the company had purchased one. “The Atlas came very highly recommended to us. We were also convinced the Atlas was the right choice for us when we were informed of the three-year warranty, something no other brands could match”.

Atlas 200MH Material Handler with Selector Grab moving waste material at Banks Skip Hire Ltd

Packing a number of innovative features such as the easy access Emergency Cab Lowering Safety System, a button on the outside of the cab which allows you to lower the cab from the outside in an emergency and offering class leading easy service accessibility make the Atlas machines a popular choice. Features such as the battery isolation function, a 3 minute timer delayed battery isolation which ensures the DEF fluid is returned to the tank and the lines are emptied before the batteries fully isolate and the adjustable reverse fan all encourage easy and efficient maintenance.

Atlas 200MH Material Handler Loading Skip Container at Banks Skip Hire Ltd

Impressed with their new machine, the team at Banks Skip Hire Ltd are confident in their new relationship with TDL Equipment, with John Banks explaining, “TDL have offered great customer service from the outset. We were particularly impressed with the aftersales department when they visited us direct to see if we were happy with our new purchase”. John added, “from ordering to delivery, the service from TDL was very efficient and there was no time delay in getting our new machine on site ready to use. The future growth of Banks Skip Hire Ltd will lead to an ongoing relationship with TDL Equipment and the Atlas brand, both of which we feel we can trust”. TDL Equipment Regional Sales Manager Saskia Davies also commented, “I am delighted that Banks Skip Hire Ltd are pleased with their investment in both the Atlas product and TDL Equipment.” As the UKs sole Atlas supplier, the firm looks forward to continuing their focus within the skip hire sector.

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